# Introduction

👋 Welcome to the PlanQK Documentation!

Here you find all the resources to get you on your way with the PlanQK Platform.

# Stay Up-to-Date

To receive updates about new exciting platform features subscribe to our Slack News Channel (opens new window). Simply join our Slack Workspace (opens new window) to get access.

# Got a Question or Problem?

Do not open issues for general support questions as we want to keep GitHub issues for bug reports and feature requests. Instead, we recommend using our Slack Support Channel (opens new window) to ask support-related questions. Just join our Slack Workspace (opens new window) to get access.

# Missing a feature or found a bug?

You would help us by submitting an issue (opens new window) to our public GitHub Repository (opens new window) for either case. Please check whether there is already an open issue. If not, just click the "New issue" button and select "Bug report" or "Feature request" and outline your proposal so it can be discussed. This allows us to better coordinate our efforts and to prevent duplication of work so that it can be successfully added to our roadmap.